Our Mission

We thrive by training software developers in Orange County, California to improve the quality of their software and their teams. We do this by focusing on the challenges that matter most to developers, beginning with solid technical practices. We offer private technical training for software development teams.

Our Founding Team

Emergent Developers began at Rocket Nine Solutions and is a collaboration of many amazing people who have given their time and energy into growing something unique. Here are a few faces you'll want to know.


Cody Fletcher
Founder & CEO

As an entrepreneur and software developer, Cody loves to see healthy innovation happen at a sustainable pace. His passion is to see a new generation of developers empowered to self-organize.


Paul Moore
Founder & Trainer

With a career spent pursuing technical excellence in object-oriented programming, Paul wants to see technical practices grow over time.


Scott Dunn
Founder & Advisor

As the founder of Rocket Nine Solutions, Scott is passionate about helping Agile succeed at every level of an organization. From reaching technical excellence as developers to training Product Owners to coaching of CEOs.

What Makes us Different?

There's a few things about us that are worth sharing.

We're Developers

We're developers (who also teach). We love to code, we love to solve problems, and we love to help other developers do the same.

We're Local

We live and work in Orange County, California and that's where our strategic focus is. Once we've helped all the developers here, we'll look elsewhere.

We're Certified

Paul Moore and Cody Fletcher are two of just a handful of Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD) Instructors, certified by the Scrum Alliance.

How are we doing?

We have a big vision, and that's a really good thing. Let's see where we are in the process.

Step 1

Create Founding Team

Step 2

Launch Emergent Developers

Step 3

Open Our Facility